Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fuzzy Tree Kangaroos!

Kangaroos are Marsupials, animals that have a cozy front pocket for the babies to live in. Koalas and Wombats are also Marsupials. Tree Kangaroos live in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and surrounding islands.

Tree Kangaroos like to munch on leaves, flowers, moss, grass, and bark.

The Golden-Mantled Tree Kangaroo, shown here, is very rare and mysterious. It has reddish colored fur, with a cute yellow belly, and two golden yellow stripes on its back and tail. Very little is known about these adorable creatures.

Tree Kangaroos are a little shy, and like to spend most of their time alone. When a female has a baby, the fuzzy baby stays with its mother for a couple years before adventuring into the rainforest on its own.

As their name indicates, these fuzzy guys like to spend their time in trees. They have very long tails to help them balance, and claws to get a good grip. Although, when Tree Kangaroos walk on the ground they are clumsy!


  1. It is so cute!I cant beleive its a kangaroo.

  2. this is very cute! you should write more about this cute and cuddly creature!



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