Monday, February 18, 2013

Tiger Quoll: Rare and Adorable

The Tiger Quoll is a super cute and slender marsupial that only lives in Australia. They are very rare, and sadly are endangered. Tiger Quolls are related to Tasmanian Devils, and are in a family with animals that look like mice.

"Tiger Quoll" seems like a silly name for an animal that is spotted, instead of stripey like a Tiger. But rest assured, they can also be called Spotted Quolls. These fuzzy guys have really cute little heads with adorable noses, and small ears, as well as short legs. A cool thing about this animal, is that their spots continue on the long tail.

Whatcha looking at?

Look at that cute nose!

Tiger Quolls live in Eastern Australia in rainforests. They like to hang out in trees, where they hunt for food, such as birds, and possums. They also eat other animals, like rodents, lizards, snakes, and insects. These fuzzy mammals are mostly active at night, when they can hunt for prey and not become food for bigger animals who are active during the day.


Tiger Quolls sleep in dens, which means any cozy place they can find, like holes in trees, caves, burrows underground, hollow trees, or even under houses.

These cute marsupials often greet one another by sniffing noses together! Adorable!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cute Fungus: Mushyroomies!

Mushrooms are not animals and they are not plants either! Mushrooms are a Fungus, and seem like a mixture between a plant and an animal. Mushrooms sort of look like plants because they grow from the ground, do not move about, and have "hyphae" which look like roots. But, Mushrooms do not make their own food like plants do. Instead, they get nutrients from other plants and animals by using these root-like "hyphae".

Mushrooms come in a lot of different colors, sizes, and shapes, but usually have a long, skinny "stalk" or "stipe" which holds up the umbrella shaped "cap". This cap is where you'll find all sorts of interesting creatures, such as the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, or Snails who are having a little nibble or a rest.

Taken by Anne Elliott

The cutest sounding Fungus is a Puffball! Normally it does not have a stalk and instead is just a round, squishy ball. When you squish it, a cloud of dust comes out, which are baby mushrooms! These baby mushrooms are called "spores" until they grow into an adult.

The baby spores of other mushrooms are found underneath the cap, and hide here until they are ready to be set free.

© Mark Steinmetz

Another interesting kind of Mushroom, is the Bird's Nest. It looks like they are cute baby eggs in a nest, but it is actually a Fungus! Mushrooms are often found in wet forested areas, and because they do not need sunlight like plants, they can grow in dark places.


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