Here are some short videos of super cute and adorable animals! They were all filmed by either myself or Gregory Gan at various locations across Canada, such as the Toronto Zoo. Some of these will be edited and included in an upcoming stop animation film about a Slug named Sluggory who is travelling across Canada looking for his home, his shell.

Mystical Jellyfish

This video was filmed at the Toronto Zoo and features some beautiful Jellyfish. I even make an appearance near the end. :)

Fuzzy Red Panda

This video was also filmed at the Toronto Zoo, where I had the extremely excited chance to watch this adorable Red Panda run around. You can even hear me giggling!

Cool Llama and Windturbine

This is one super cool Llama, filmed on Wolfe Island, Kingston, Ontario. Check out those huge windturbines in the background. Wolfe Island has a lot of solar and wind power, and of course, lots of cute animals.

Tiny Nudibranch

This little guy was spotted in Fulford Harbour, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. Nudibranchs are similiar to sea slugs and have cool wiggly backs.


Also check out these other funny and cute videos that I've stumbled across:

Manatee Squish

This is a super funny and adorable video of a manatee squishing his face against the glass of an aquarium. He doesn't get hurt because his face is all blubber!

Cute and Lazy Baby Panda

This baby Panda is a little lazy but also super super cute. Watch him try to climb some tiny stairs at a zoo!


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