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Animal Websites/Blogs


Raising awareness about endangered animals through a collection, or archive, of photographs and films. The site also has an interactive 3D map to discover and learn about animals.
The Featured Creature

Check out a different weird and cool animal every day. You may not have even heard of these animals before!

Animal Fact Guide

A fantastic site with lots of animal information, as well as word searches, mazes, coloring pages, and more.

Wildlife Fun 4 Kids

A blog by an Australian Zookeeper, describing all sorts of great nature activities for children.

Animal A Day

An educational blog featuring a different interesting animal each day. This site also includes classification information, which is great for further research.


Photos and information about cool animals and plants, by a zoologist.
Zoo Borns

See adorable photos of newborn zoo animals such as Cheetahs, Polar Bears, and Monkeys.

Let's Be Friends

A super cute blog about strange animal friendships.

Cute Things Falling Asleep

Watch adorable videos of tiny animals falling asleep.

Animal News


Caboodle Ranch

The story of a man who bought a huge piece of land in Florida and turned it into a kitty sanctuary! You can watch videos of the super cool property, that has creative kitty houses that look like a little village.

Caboodle Ranch: The Other Side of the Story

Caboodle Ranch has recently been shut down and this article provides a similar opinion to mine on the topic.

Aquarium des Iles: The Cruel Plan to Kill Captive Baby Harp Seals

A small aquarium in Quebec has attracted worldwide attention when the public learned that they planned to kill two baby Harp Seals after the tourist season had ended. Read their side of the story on their website.

Iles-de-la-Madeleine Harp Seals Spared After Worldwide Outcry

A news article explaining the controversy surrounding two captive Harp Seals. The aquarium that has housed the Seals over the Summer is now asking for donations reaching $73 000 to ensure the survival of the Seals and the public is displeased with this demand.

Animal Artwork and Cute Products


A website revealing the amazingly cute artwork of two artists. Check out their adorable book series, The Octonauts, about underwater creatures!


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